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Commercial Anti-Graffiti & Security Film



Commercial Anti-Graffiti Film

Commercial Anti-Graffiti Film





The name says it all! Armor-Coating is a thick, optically clear, barrier film that is retrofitted to the inside of windows. Built to reinforce glass around-the-clock, helping to hold windows safely in place upon impact. Should an attempted break-in, a natural disaster, or should a bomb blast occur Armor-Coat will withstand any impact.

Replacing vandalized windows is prohibitively expensive. Anti-graffiti window films are the solution.

Anti-graffiti films coat the outside of your windows with a tough but optically clear surface. They cost a fraction as much as windows and are much quicker and easier to replace. The Anti- Graffiti film is a surface protection which helps reduce damage to glass surface areas caused by etching with acid, paint, markers or a sharp tool. The films take the scratches and spray paint so your window doesn’t have to. It is simple and elegant solution that costs far less than replacement windows.


Save Money AND Energy with Anti-graffiti Film Coating.
Replace Windows Less Often
Customers with high traffic graffiti prone areas, this is the latest product, for glass, mirrors - a single layer of clear distortion free product. Applied to interior or exterior architectural windows, the film is particularly resistant to etching. It also offers better shatter resistance and 99% ultraviolet blocking.


We offer a complete surface protection system for windows, mirrors, and surfaces that are vulnerable to damage. Vandals can't see it so they don't know it is there! The film is made with layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives and impregnated with ultraviolet inhibitors, offers protection against graffiti vandals, and glass-taggers. The thickness of the film helps stop the glass from being defaced while the SR coating allows vandals to think they were able to get to the glass. Whether it is applied to glass, on mirrors, in malls, airports, or in office buildings, graffiti film can be quickly installed by our professionals.

Protecting people & property with Solar Guard anti-graffiti, safety and security film. Sometimes the threat is from nature, other times people. No matter where the threat comes from, Solar Guard safety and security window films can help you be prepared for the worst.

Protection For Your Home or Business.
Severe Weather And Hurricanes.
When natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, and earthquakes hit, there is little you can do to protect your building. But by planning ahead, your building can be prepared for the worst. Glass can be your worst enemy in severe weather and storms. When unprotected glass breaks, shards can be sent flying causing severe injury to people and major damage to property.

During a disaster, Solar Guard safety and security window films help hold the glass together to maintain the integrity of your home. This also helps to keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, keeps out wind and rain.

Solar Guard safety and security window films also help you deter street crime. Because the window film helps hold the glass in place, criminals don’t have the quick access they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise. Often the window slows them down to such a degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target. 

Damage From The Sun.
Over time, the powerful UV rays of the sun can do enormous damage to merchandise, upholstery, carpet, wallpaper, window treatments and wood. You can always pull the blinds, but what is the use of having windows if you can’t enjoy the view? Solar Guard window films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on your furnishings and will block up to 100% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the single largest cause of fading. While no film can stop fading completely, our films dramatically slow the progress of fading.

Discomfort From the Sun.
Sun control problems can also make keeping a home or building comfortable a difficult job. Solar Guard window films help to eliminate hot spots in your home where windows contribute greatly to the temperature of the room. And window film can help keep your air conditioner from working overtime.  


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